Sunday, September 18, 2016

Minis & Friends

Reagan slept in a little this morning and woke up a little serious, but OK. She was wide-eyed and a little sensitive at first, but she seemed like she might still be up for our visit with the mini-horses. A couple of months ago I stumbled across the Facebook page of Minis & Friends and inquired with them to see if they might be able to participate in our Energy for Life Walkathon coming up in November. Unfortunately they don't have any horse owners in North Austin at the moment, but they were more than willing to have us come out the the ranch in South Austin so Reagan and Ryan could have their own personal session with the horses! It was really sweet of them to offer, so we of course took them up on it! It was a warm day but we went early and were there by 10:30am. The horses were adorable! There were three of them. These horses live the good life! They are just the prettiest little things and so gentle and so calm. They all came up to Reagan and just stood there by her side not wanting to leave. A couple were a little nibbly with her fingers (made me nervous), but they were so gentle. Ryan led them around and fed them hay. He was loving it. And before we left both kids got to hold a tiny silken windhound puppy that the stable owner is the one who developed the breed. A super calm puppy. Perfect for the kiddos to check out. All in all it was a wonderful trip! We are already planning to visit them again in the fall when the temperature is a little more hospitable. They told us during the winter, the palominos actually turn completely white and get super fluffy coats! Can't wait to see that! The rest of the day we all just took it easy. Reagan was still pretty serious but she loosened up a little tonight and seemed a little less stressed. Hoping for a good nights sleep for everyone tonight.

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