Friday, September 9, 2016

Prayers for rest and healing

Reagan woke up last night yelling out around 4am. I got up and moved her to her chair. She was very tense/stressed. I gave her something but it didn't touch her. She was still awake and kicking when I went and came back from my run. Ryan was up in the middle of the night too coughing. He's had a cough since the first week of school, but it's definitely gotten worse this week. Hoping and praying he doesn't share any of his germs with his sister. She's got enough problems right now. I really didn't think she was going to have a good day today. This morning it seemed as if she was on a downward spiral that might end in tears. She ended up having a surprisingly good session of both speech and PT. She did get a little grindy with her teeth during speech, but she was able to give her some tools to help satisfy her urge to grind. Today she was into movement, so PT just went with it and they worked on rolling. She did such a good job, this afternoon she nearly rolled all the way over by herself! She's got a ton of movement and extensor tone today. Her eyes look oh so tired, but her body just never stops! Poor thing. Tonight I tried to give her something to help her relax and it had the exact opposite effect! Within minutes she was in full blown tears that lasted over an hour! Ugh. Between her crying and Ryan sneezing and coughing nonstop tonight, I thought I was going to go crazy! Eventually she settled down but the movement kept going. She's still kicking around and swiping at her face nonstop right now. She keeps stiffening out and arching her back...she's definitely neurologically off. Just really hoping this subsides and she's able to get some sleep tonight. Please keep both kiddos in your prayers tonight as they are both really struggling.