Saturday, September 3, 2016

Poos and smiles

Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning with a big wet diaper. She woke up pretty calm and content, but a little sensitive to talking. I took Ryan to Jumpstreet and the farmer's market and Reagan stayed home with Daddy. I gave her all of her meds before leaving except one (her seizure meds). While we were gone she had one little outburst of tears and then had a huge poo that Daddy had the pleasure of cleaning up! In all of the chaos, Daddy forgot to give her the last meds. When I got home I realized they hadn't been given and I gave them (or so I thought). Around 6pm I went to use the pill crusher to give her another med, when I realized her seizure meds were still in it! I really feel like I gave them to her, but maybe I only gave her part of them. Or not at all? I'm still not sure. What was left in the pill crusher didn't look like a full dose, but who knows (where are our nurses when we need them)? It was too late at this point to give it to her, so I just threw that out and gave her her regularly scheduled pm dose tonight. Thankfully she seems no worse for wear. She actually ended up having a really wonderful day today! The two sudden outbursts of tears were definitely a result of tummy pain and both were followed with big poos! Her tummy does seem pretty distended today and probably full of gas, but she has been pretty wonderful, especially this afternoon/tonight. Another realization today. Ryan now knows how to open the childproof lock on the pool fence! We put his swimsuit on him this afternoon because his Aunt Kim was coming to swim with him. Well he ran outside and was playing (or so we thought). Then I peeked outside to check on him and found him IN THE POOL! Thank God he knows how to swim, but I'm still not at all comfortable with him being in the pool alone. I have no idea when he figured out how to open the gate, but it's definitely time to start locking it. At this point he still thinks he has to have a swim suit on to go swimming, so I don't think he'll attempt anything unless he's already suited up, but we're not taking any chances. Tonight Reagan has been all smiles. The kind of smiles just make you just want to squeeze her! What an angel! Despite the poos, it definitely seems she's taken a turn for the best! Hoping for a great day tomorrow for my princess. These smiles just won't quit!

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