Saturday, September 17, 2016


Ahhhh, finally my girl slept well last night. She dozed off on her own last night and then had a solid night's sleep. She was vocalizing this morning around 7am, but I think she was just trying to let me know that she was laying in wetness! I changed her and moved her to her chair and we were up. Ryan slept in a bit not waking up until around 8:45am. So last night we realized one of our A/Cs is not working. Thankfully the larger unit was sufficiently cooling both floors but today it was beginning to get a little warm. Mike was able to go online and find the parts he thought needed replacing and was able to buy them from a repairman and replace them himself (saving us hundreds). It is SO nice having a handy husband. So now we are cool and everything is running well again. This morning we did have Reagan's evaluation with the AAC lady. She watched Reagan working on her eye gaze and then gave us suggestions as to which direction she thinks we should go with her. She's very pro PODD and thinks Reagan will do very well with it. It's funny because she has been following a family we know well (The Owen's-Gavin's parents) and their journey on their We speak PODD facebook page! It's going to be a lot of work and a whole new way of doing things, but it's definitely worth a try to give Reagan a voice! Reagan did well with everything this morning and she's very encouraged that she will succeed with PODD. We would start off doing PODD with a book (low tech) and eventually move it into her eyegaze device (high tech). It should be an interesting journey! The rest of the day we all just took it easy. Lots of football. Reagan rolling around on the floor. Ryan playing angry birds on the ipad. Ryan and I did make a run to Home Depot for A/C filters. Ryan was terrified of the Halloween talking characters, but he kept wanting to go back. Definitely a love hate relationship! That's about it for our Saturday!

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