Friday, September 16, 2016

Not much sleep

Reagan was up a lot last night. Very vocal. Making it very hard for us to sleep. Eventually I moved her to her chair around 4am, but I don't think she ever went back to sleep. I did though and didn't wake up til 9:15! Poor Ryan, just stays in bed until I come to get him (Reagan's nurse had been here since before 8)! Of course then we were really scrambling to get ready and get him to school by 9:45! I also had a meet and greet with a new potential nurse at 10, so there was a lot of yawning during that interview. This morning I really felt crummy. My head feels like it might possibly explode. Definitely think I'm fighting a sinus infection. I decided to finally go in to the doctor myself this afternoon and got a prescription for antibiotics (still not sure if I want to take them). Grandpa picked up Ryan from school and they went swimming but were back out before I even got home. Reagan had a laid back day today. No therapies, so she just hung out and took it easy. She didn't get much sleep last night so it was probably good that she didn't have a busy day today. We've got a busy weekend though. Tomorrow we're meeting with that AAC lady and Sunday we're supposed to go see some mini therapy horses! Hoping for a great weekend for my girl!

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