Thursday, September 8, 2016

No rest for the weary

Sleep last night was about the same as the night before. Reagan continues to be very vocal and restless, not sleeping hardly at all. Her temperament has been good, just a little kooky. She seemed tired multiple times today but she never dozed. She had PT & OT and did well with both, considering. She's having tons of chorea. Her little legs are just going nonstop right now. She went all day without any signs of nausea but then tonight she started getting gaggy again. Not quite as bad as last night, but still very noticeable. She did calm down a lot tonight, her movements and her vocalizations decreased. Even though she woke back up when moved to her bed, she did eventually fall back to her bed! So we're already doing better than last night! We're hoping maybe tomorrow is a sleepy day and she can finally rest from all of this movement. Please keep it in your prayers that my girl can get some solid rest and wake up feeling much improved!

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