Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A little off and still not sleeping

Last night was similar to the night before. Reagan was up a lot and very vocal, making it really hard for us to sleep. Thankfully, Ryan seemed to sleep better and had a better day at school today. Reagan had speech this morning, OT, and then school/speech this afternoon and did well with everything. She's still pretty vocal/kooky, but sweet, so we just made it work. She's still putting her hands in her mouth a lot and wiping at her nose. Her poor little nose is SO red and peely. Her nurse was watching a low grade fever all day today. It was hovering between 99-100 all day. Then this afternoon we noticed she was getting pretty sweaty when in her chair. Definitely having some temperature regulation issues. Tonight I put her on the floor to roll around for a bit, to try to let her back air out, and she got a little chokey. I moved her to her chair and I noticed she was making a lot of gaggy faces. I don't remember the last time I saw her gaggy. She even had spit pouring out of her mouth all of a sudden. I have no idea what that was about. I kept her in her chair for the rest of the night (she didn't tolerate me even holding her in an upright position) until Mike took her to bed. Unfortunately, she went from asleep to wide awake and vocalizing the second he laid down with her. So he eventually moved her to her chair and we're just praying she'll get some sleep. It's not looking good...

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