Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor day fun

Reagan slept well for the most part. She was up bright and early this morning but still in a great mood. She's been a little more crunchy today and we're seeing a lot more hands in the mouth (and the red nose that follows). We decided to take a long walk to the park this morning (before it got too hot) to log some extra miles for Reagan's marathon and catch Pokemon. It was a nice loooooong walk (3.44 miles) but it did get a little hot toward the end. We were checking out the community garden before heading back when we saw Mike walk up! He had walked the whole way over thinking surely he'd see us along the way headed back! Nope! So then we all headed back home together. That afternoon we relaxed a little (Reagan did a lot of rolling on the floor) and then we took Reagan back out to ride her bike! It's been a while since we've used it. I can hardly wait til it gets a little cooler outside. Our walks, bike rides, runs...everything will be so much nicer! Reagan did have one seizure-like episode tonight (6:40pm) where she burst out laughing all of a sudden and I then noticed her head was turned and fixed to the left. I tried to break her out of it, but it wasn't til about 30sec later that she finally started looking around again. Not sure what that was about. Other than that, she's been great again today. Super sweet and super precious. Love this girl.

Omg...could she be any cuter?!?! Smiling in her sleep! 💗

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