Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Reagan was a little tough to get to sleep last night but she eventually fell asleep and slept well. She woke up pretty kooky/vocal this morning and has been that way all day today. She had speech this morning and then a make up session of OT this afternoon and she did really well with both. She's been super vocal today but also super cute! Tonight she fell asleep on my lap but woke back up when Mike carried her up to bed. He tried laying down with her but that just made her super crazy vocal. She was so loud, we think she woke her brother up, because then he started crying! Poor thing, he was all sweaty and coughing. The funny thing is the second Mike got up to go check on Ryan, Reagan immediately fell fast asleep! They are all in bed at the moment, so fingers crossed they stay that way!

Ryan and I went to the park after school today to cheer on his cousin at her track meet! She placed third out of a ton of kids! Awesome job!

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