Thursday, September 1, 2016

Holding pees and sleeping through the bad...

Reagan slept well last night and woke up just before 7am (shortly after her brother woke up)! Everyone up before 7! Oh joy! Reagan was pretty serious but calm. That didn't last long. She was getting increasingly agitated. I realized at this time that she had been roughly 14hrs without a wet diaper so I decided to help her go. I used the "warm water method" but instead of taking just 1-2 cups, it took 6! But when she went, she WENT! It was a huge pee. Thank goodness. Unfortunately that didn't help the agitation. By 7:30am she was in tears so I gave her a dose of oxycodone and she dozed off. She ended up sleeping the entire rest of the morning and into the afternoon! She even slept through some pretty rigorous stretching by her PT (her only therapy this week and she was sleeping)! When she woke up around 3, she was very tense and whiny and dry! Not a single pee during that sleep! We tried to get her to go again but 8 cups of water later...still no pee. We finally just decided to give her a bath and then we tried for pee about 30min later and finally got it! Whew! This girl, when she holds, she holds! Between the bath and needing to pee, she was getting pretty agitated again. We gave her clonidine but it didn't help. It was at least 1-2hrs post clonidine that she finally just dozed off on her own. She continued sleeping until almost 10pm when I came in to give her medicine. While she was awake, I decided to change her. Finally, she had a pee on her own! I changed her but she was NOT happy with me! The tears were back! Mike came upstairs and she calmed down for him. The second he went back downstairs, she started back up. I traded with him and he had her back asleep (in her chair) only a few minutes later! Hoping she can sleep this bad off tonight and wake up feeling better tomorrow!

Random pic of brother swinging today...he's so darling sometimes! ;)

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