Thursday, September 29, 2016

Good day but tummy pains tonight

Reagan slept well and woke up right around 7:30am. She was in a good mood today. Laughing when you talk to her. She had one little scare with her tube today and we thought maybe it was broken again (because the extension was just spinning and then popped out on it's own), but as it turns out, it was just the extension that was broken. She had PT, OT, and school today. Her teacher said her motor skills were spot on today. She was good all day long...until tonight! She started showing some sensitivities and we thought maybe she was just annoyed with the tv or her brother. But she was also having lots of gas (the stinky kind that means a poo is in there). Eventually I helped her go, thinking maybe that would give her some relief, but she was still pretty tense/moany. Eventually she ended up in full blown tears and you could just tell she was miserable. She'd calm down for a bit, and then freak out again. I tried giving her pain meds, but nothing seemed to help. Getting her to bed tonight was a no go as well. She was miserable and laying down she seemed worse. I gave her clonidine and tried to get her comfortable in her chair, but I'm thinking the likelyhood of us sleeping tonight is next to none. Praying my girl can get some relief from whatever is bothering her.
Reagan and her nurse playing with snap chat today! 😂

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