Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Genetics trip to Houston

Everyone slept well again last night and both kids even slept in a bit this morning. We had to wake them both up, Ryan to get ready to go to speech with Grandma and Reagan to get on the road to Houston. Reagan was in a great mood and was a doll the whole drive to Houston. We ended up getting there a few minutes late, and before we knew it we were 30min late because the parking garages were all full. By the time we got to the office, everyone was waiting on us and the Dr. rushed in immediately and started talking (he was in a hurry to go teach a class). We had a bit of a rushed appt with the study doctor, but then the geneticist who is studying Reagan's NACC1 mutation came in and we spoke with him for a while. We gave our consent to join another study that will be looking to see what genes are turned off/on in Reagan that are not turned off/on in us which may help them to find the link between this mutation and Reagan's mitochondrial issues. In his words, it's a fishing expedition, but hopefully they'll actually find something! Mike and I both gave two tubes of our blood for that study and Reagan added two more tubes to her already large assortment of tubes to draw. We did have one little hiccup that took some time on the phone to finally straighten out, but we will also finally get her chromosomal microarray run again (the only one she's ever had done was when she was 6 months old). My girl had SO much blood that needed to be drawn so thank goodness I suggested we use a warming pack on her arm first! That really worked and her blood was flowing faster than ever and we easily got all of the tubes filled. Whew! At this point it was almost 2:30pm! We left and stopped at nearby Goode Company BBQ for lunch and then got stuck in a rainstorm and were unable to leave. Finally around 3:30pm we were back on the road but just in time for the rain and Houston traffic! It was a nightmare! We didn't get out of Houston until 5pm! What a nightmare! Thankfully my girl was a perfect angel and dozed part of the way. We got home right around 7:30pm. Grandpa was definitely ready to be relieved from Ryan duty! We eventually got everyone to bed and then close to midnight we crashed as well.

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