Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Reagan had a good day today but she's been pretty coughy. She slept in a little this morning so her speech therapist and I spent time completing an assessment for an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) evaluation she's going to have this weekend. The rep from Tobii recommended a lady that works for the school system who is very experienced in AAC and specifically has a lot of experience using the Tobii eyegaze devices. We (of course) have to pay out of pocket for her to come, but it's worth it to get some real advice on how to get the most out of this device/Reagan! Not much else going on today. No more therapies. Reagan has been very coughy...this short little back of the throat sort of cough that she does over and over and over again (almost sounds like a smoker)! We definitely think she's still got some drainage going on (probably giving her a sore throat and making her feel like she needs to cough), although not nearly as much drainage as we saw yesterday! She's been good today but a little vocal, at times sounding a little stressed, but OK. Ryan was supposed to have his follow up with the pediatrician today, but he had school and then two therapies after school, so we are going to go in tomorrow to get him checked out! Praying for no more shots! He actually sounds much improved so I'm hopeful he's all cleared up! Now, if we could just get this girl to stop coughing!

No school today so Ryan and I went to a local science museum and planetarium! We're not in Houston anymore...

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