Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sweet sick girl

Reagan slept well last night but woke up with a low grade fever and another big poo this morning. She's been in good spirits, just full of poo! All therapies were canceled so we decided to go on a long walk. A loooooong walk through the neighborhood (2.24miles). Reagan was great, but her nurse and I were both sweaty by the time we got back! She's been super sweet all day today (another 4 poo day). We didn't give her any fever reducer so we could keep an eye on it to see where it was headed. All day it was hovering at 99-100, but this afternoon it went back up to 102. We gave her some tylenol and then it was gone. Hopefully for good (it didn't go back up at all so fingers crossed)! She's been super precious tonight and dozed off pretty early. Hoping she gets some good sleep and wakes up feeling much improved in the morning.

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