Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fever free, a little tense but cuddly

Reagan was being vocal and woke me up around 5:30am this morning. I think she was calling me to come clean her up! The leaky poos strike again. I changed her, and thankfully had put a pad under her last night that I was able to easily remove, and tucked her back into bed. We all fell back to sleep. She woke up around 7:30 being super sweet again. Shortly thereafter there was poo number two. Still very watery...looks almost like it has bits of blueberry or spinach in it (TMI?). What have you been eating Reagan?? No nurse today so it was just me and the kids. I got Ryan off to school (thankfully a friend was able to take him) and then Reagan and I just hung out. Her speech therapist came at 10 and worked on her computer. It wasn't until 10:30 that I realized that I had yet to start giving her her meds! Oops. Definitely not a good nurse. She got them all and then we spent some time cuddling on the sofa this afternoon. She was getting a little agitated (I think her tummy was hurting) but as soon as I held her she settled down and fell asleep. Grandpa picked Ryan up from school and then took him to therapy. Reagan eventually woke up and was calm again. Tonight she did have another incident where she seemed a little tense and was getting close to tears, but I held her and then she dozed off in my arms! Sweet girl. Hoping she feels better tomorrow. Today was her first fever free day! 

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