Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pretty good day but not so great sleep

Sleep wasn't great again last night. It was another night of her waking up around 2am and then having to be moved her to her chair. I think she probably went back to sleep, but who knows. She had speech this morning, not the best day for the eye gaze, she's just still so crunchy! She did seem to enjoy eating though. This afternoon she had a make up session of OT and then immediately had school. She did really well with both. Overall she's been a good girl today.  Still very tense in her body but a little less kooky, which is good because all of the screaming was beginning to give me a headache! I did have a major malfunction tonight when making Reagan's formula at 12am! Ugh. What a mess. Meanwhile Mike was laying down with a clonidine crazy Reagan. It's almost 1am now and she's just now quiet. Hoping she finally gets a good night's sleep.

Here's her brother passed out cold at 5pm after a busy day. Reagan take note of this.

The mess! 😣

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