Monday, August 29, 2016

Oh no...not a fever!?!?

Reagan has had a bit of a strange day today! She slept well last night but woke up with a very stinky poopy diaper this morning (we don’t even remember the last time she went on her own)! We had just finished cleaning her up and changing her when it was already time for speech! She was a little wide eyed but she seemed fine. She made it about 30min into speech when all of a sudden she broke out into tears! We’re not sure what it was, but I picked her up and held her and that eventually calmed her down. We decided to just skip the rest of speech and her nurse and I took her for a walk through the neighborhood. She was great for the walk, a little vocal at times, but I think she was just talking to us. We were home only minutes when she had another big poo! Thank you for waiting Reagan! This was perfect timing for her bath, so we immediately threw her in the tub for a thorough cleaning! The rest of the afternoon she dozed a lot. She was kinda moany/vocalizing half awake/half asleep the whole time. Then about 30min before our nurse was due to leave, she thought Reagan felt a bit warm. She took her temp and it was reading 102-103! She thought surely there was something off with the thermometer, but we changed the batteries and checked everyone else, and Reagan’s temp was still very high. We gave her some acetaminophen and her temp was down within 30min.  It was at this point that I realized I needed to notify her pregnant nurse scheduled to work tomorrow. We really don’t want to expose her to anything, so thankfully our new nurse offered to pick up her shift if we needed her. Yes, yes we do! Tonight she was good but did have two more stinky poo diapers. It’s not completely unusual for her to have a day where she poos 3-4 times, she used to do it once a week or so, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen one of those days and the fact that they’re a little mucousy and we’re also seeing a fever makes me think something is definitely going on. Ryan had a cough last week (and still has it) but no other symptoms. Ugh. I hate to think he’s already getting his sister sick after only one week of school! She was good the rest of the night and ended up dozing off on the floor and making sweet little noises here and there (even though her eyes were still closed). Precious girl. I hope she can sleep tonight and wakes up feeling better in the morning!

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Diane said...

Oh I hope she is on the mend!