Monday, August 8, 2016


Reagan woke up this morning around 6:30am, but she woke up a bit stressed and kooky. I was a little worried she might have taken a turn for the worse. I gave her some oxycodone and she (we) both dozed back off. She's been a little on the drowsy side today. She was awake by 8am but started fading mid speech (10:30am) and was out cold shortly thereafter. She then slept for a nice long stretch. Woke up and was pretty kooky/vocal for a while and then dozed back off for another long stretch this afternoon! She woke back up right around 7pm and I helped her poo and gave her a bath (both things we were supposed to do during the day, while the nurse was here, but couldn't because she was asleep)! She ended up dozing back off not too long after her bath and then slept the rest of the night. I moved her to her bed and I'm hoping she'll stay asleep til morning.
Ryan went swimming this morning while I pulled weeds (and nearly passed out from the heat)! Then he did SO well in class this afternoon! Maybe getting the energy out, helped him focus?

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