Thursday, August 4, 2016

Kendra Scott event for the UMDF

Reagan woke up super sweet and calm again today. She had PT this morning. She spent some time in her stander and her feet were really red again. Ugh. These darn AFOs. This afternoon she had a quick session of OT and then we loaded her up in the car and drove to San Antonio. It was a perfect day for a road trip as she was so calm and still and holding her pees (not necessarily good for her but good for travel). There was a fundraising event going on for the UMDF at the Kendra Scott store and they were letting the kids design their own pieces of jewelry. We helped Reagan make both a bracelet and a pair of earrings which they then displayed for everyone to see. They even gave Reagan her very own Kendra Scott necklace. 20% of all purchases that night went toward the UMDF. My sister called in and was even able to order Reagan's bracelet design over the phone! They ended up raising $1,100 for the UMDF in just that 3hr period! They will be having another one of these events in Austin in November so we're hoping we can participate again and help raise lots more! It was a fun little get away and then we headed right back! Ryan had fun as well over at my dad's playing with his cousins who are in visiting from Miami. We were all exhausted tonight but my girl just wasn't dozing off. She looked sleepy but wasn't falling asleep. And a dose of clonidine only ended up making her "clonindine crazy"! Eventually a dose of oxycodone and Daddy laying down with her helped her to finally fall asleep. Hoping for some good sleep tonight. We're pooped!

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Janet said...

Beautiful bracelet! Beautiful Girl!