Monday, August 15, 2016

Great cardiology appt

Reagan slept like a rock last night. This morning she was still asleep when we had to finally wake her up and get her dressed and ready to go to her cardiology appt. It was just her yearly check-up, but we figured there's no better day than a sleepy day to get an echo/ekg! I'm glad we woke her up and braved the rain because she was a perfect angel. Any other day her movements might have made it tricky to get a good reading, but today she was so still and so calm and patient, she just laid perfectly still during the echo. The doctor looked over everything and said her heart still looks perfect! Not a lot of systems functioning properly for my girl, but boy am I glad this one is in tip top shape! So we'll be back in another year for another routine check up. The rest of the day we just took it easy. Another lazy rainy day. Very loose, still hands, lots of yawns...SO laid back. No therapies since we missed speech this morning. Lots of snuggles. And hopefully another good night's sleep!

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