Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Finally lost her tooth

Reagan slept well last night and woke up once again super sweet and adorable! While I was at speech with Ryan this morning, she lost her tooth! The tooth that's been hanging in there FOREVER, refusing to come out even though the permanent tooth is already completely in, yeah that tooth. It finally just came out while she was getting her teeth brushed this morning! We were all SO excited! She's had another great day today. She had both PT and OT and did great with both! She's been just so sweet and so super smiley, just a joy to be around. Love this girl! Her hips have been a little poppy lately, something we need to keep an eye on. During PT she even seemed to wince once when it popped, but then seemed fine. We typically check them via x-ray once a year but I think we usually do that in October. We'll see. If we see any more wincing, then we might need to move it up. Tonight she still was an angel, but didn't fall asleep on her own like she's been doing lately. I'm hoping she sleeps, but who knows.

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