Friday, August 26, 2016

Eyegaze and AFO appts

Reagan woke up again last night at exactly the same time as she did last night. Right around 1:45am she was vocal and not wanting to stay in her bed. I moved her to her chair where I "think" she dozed back off for a bit, but every now and then I'd here her vocalize so I know she wasn't sleeping too soundly. She did get pretty vocal again right around 5:15 before my run and this time I thought she might actually cry. I gave her a dose of oxycodone and she dozed back off. That didn't last long though, she was back awake by 6:45am and her brother was up shortly thereafter! Ryan woke up with a nice gunky cough this morning. Less than a week in school and he's already bringing home the sickies. Even with her little bout of craziness this morning, Reagan has actually turned out to have a really great day! She was pretty sensitive this morning when it came to us talking, which made things a little difficult at first during speech when we had the eyegaze rep out to help adjust Reagan's mounts. She seemed to mellow out though and we were able to get some good referrals and ideas on things we need to do with her computer. We only had about 30 min to then get ready and out the door for her AFO appt. Unfortunately it was just a talking appt and no doing (although she was a super star tolerating all of the stretching). We'll have to go back to have her recast. Her current AFOs are just "too aggressive" requiring her to stretch more than she's even capable of at this point, causing her left foot to turn in to try and compensate. So for this next pair we will try get her in on a fairly high tone day, so we know we're being realistic when it comes to stretching and we end up with a final product that she can actually spend more time in (and with her feet in the proper position). We came home and found Ryan and Grandpa swimming in the pool. We kept Reagan downstairs and just spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in the living room. She's been a lot more calm and laid back this afternoon/tonight. Happy just rolling around on the floor. Sweet girl, I sure hope she sleeps better tonight! 

Having fun playing ballerina! She's definitely got the toe point down! 

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