Monday, August 22, 2016

Awesome first day of school

Reagan had another great day today. I heard her vocalizing when I got back from my run and I was a little afraid she might not be happy. But when I walked in and peeked over the side of her bed, I found the sweetest, most smiley girl EVER! She has been ridiculously wonderful all day today. She had a busy day of therapies. Speech this morning and then OT and school this afternoon! She was AWESOME for everything. What a great first day of school. Her brother had a good day too, much to my relief! This afternoon we took another little walk around the block. We only walked two loops around our block but we made it a tiny bit further today (0.79 miles -> 1.54 miles total).

I guess you'd say he's grown some! 😳


Clarissa R. West said...

Adorable kids!
I love the looks of that wheelchair. Did you guys just get it? We've been talking about transitioning Abigail from a stroller to a wheelchair... 😳 I am wondering which is more comfortable. The stroller doesn't have much posture support plus is bigger so harder to use in our tiny church, etc.

Clarissa R. West said...

Oh, looking at the pics again, I see there us not much back support or any head support. So I guess you must use that particular wheelchair infrequently for therapy? Abigail would need a much more supportive one for regular use.

Reagan Leigh said...

Soooooo, the wheelchair is a NXT by Freedom Designs.
But there are many companies that make a similar chair (the new/larger one we're ordering for her is similar but a different brand).
A wheelchair does give her much better positioning, but we find that on days that she's highly stressed or has a lot of chorea, it's just not practical. We tend to use it mainly for therapies/school and only occasionally outside of the house (as its a lot heavier to transport). The nice thing is that it has tilt in space (and her new one will also have recline), so if she gets tired or she has low head control, we can easily accommodate her. Another thing you noted that's missing in this picture is her headrest! We took it off just for pictures because she did have such great head control that day, but she uses a very supportive i2i headrest that would be perfect for Abigail! (The only issue we have with the i2i is it interferes with her glasses when she's trying to wear them, pushing them off her face!)