Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another tooth lost!

Reagan had another great day today. She slept well last night, that is until 4:30am or so, when she decided it was time to get up! She's been super sweet, super smiley, and vocal today. And another shocker...she lost ANOTHER tooth this morning! Her upper right canine...we didn't even know it was loose! Her nurse just looked at her and saw it sitting on her tongue! So crazy. The new tooth isn't out yet, just gums, but it didn't even bleed that much (it must've been really loose). No therapies this morning, we had actually canceled speech on account of an orthotic appt that was rescheduled. Instead we took a nice little walk. Another 1.34 miles to our log (2.88 miles total). It was a little warm but windy so it wasn't too bad. This afternoon she had another session of school and vision came along. She did well with everything. What can I say, she's been a wonderful girl this week! Tonight she gave us a little grief going to bed again. Hoping we all get some sleep.

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