Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vocal and tense

Well, it's back to no sleeping again. Reagan didn't make it in her bed at all last night. I moved her to her chair and then she was super vocal and kept us up pretty much the entire night! She's been very tense and neurologically off. Super crunchy. Of course she dozed off and missed PT but woke back up just before we had to leave for her doctors appt. She had a follow up with GI/urology today. We've been using these mini enemas every other day to help her go and they seem to be working. She's going more often and we haven't noticed any more issues with UTIs so that's good. She did OK with the appointment but she was a little tense/vocal especially with all of the talking. Not impressed with how she was sitting in the demo carseat today. It was not doing a good job of keeping her upright (no clue why there's not a center clip) and the straps were cutting into her shoulders. Definitely need to see that other demo. Ryan had a crazy busy day that ended with a visit with his cousins to see Uncle Nathan's fire truck! He was in HEAVEN! He did not want to leave!

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