Thursday, July 14, 2016

Too happy to sleep!

So Reagan didn't sleep AT ALL last night. She was OK to just lay in her bed, but she was super vocal and kooky and her constant vocalizations kept me up all night too! She was still super sweet and happy, but just not in the mood for sleeping. She didn't have PT this morning, her therapist is on vacation, but she did have OT this afternoon. We also had the DME rep come during OT and she brought a Recaro Monza carseat for us to demo and she also made a few adjustments to Reagan's Covaid Cruiser so hopefully we can use that for another year or two before having to upgrade to the next size. Reagan was great the entire time. She has been SO sweet and smiley today. Just a complete doll. Tonight we had tickets to a Round Rock Express game and thankfully had a night nurse who was able to watch our girl. She was a perfect angel while we were gone! Hoping she continues to have good days! Tomorrow she's supposed to get Botox again...praying that goes smoothly!

Oh no! A pokecat is after Reagan! ;)

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