Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sweet girl

Reagan had another pretty good day today. Sleep was better last night and she woke up in a good mood this morning but was a little gaggy. Not really sure what that was about. Maybe just some sort of drainage from laying flat all night? I gave her some Zofran and vented her stomach and it seemed to pass. She had PT this morning and did give a little bit of a squeal at one point during therapy so they took it a little easy. No OT today, this is the 2nd week of no OT, as we wait for recertification (which I've been told is taking longer and longer lately). She's been good tonight but did get pretty sweaty sitting in her tomato chair. I held her on my lap to help cool her down and she eventually fell asleep snuggling with me. Sweet girl. Not sure where we're headed but hoping these good days continue (and really hoping that's the last we see of nausea for a very long time)!

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