Friday, July 29, 2016

Spunky and kooky and still not sleeping

Reagan didn't sleep much last night. She seems to sleep when Daddy lays down with her but then wakes back up sometime after he gets up. We know she slept some last night (because she sleeps when Daddy is in there), but only for short periods and then she's back awake and vocal. Ugh. When will this no sleep streak end? She's still spunky and full of energy though...she's our little energizer bunny! This morning she had a make up session of PT and did well with other therapies. She did have one weird episode today. Her nurse heard her laughing and went over to her and she then turned her head to the right. She was fixed in that position, laughing for maybe a minute or so and then she stopped. Definitely seizure-ish. Her nurse looked back at her notes and the last time she documented an episode like this was exactly one month ago. Which makes us wonder if this is all hormone related. I'd definitely prefer that explanation. I do think she's been a bit neurologically "off" this week. Just a little more kooky than usual. Hopefully, we see less kooky and more sleepy over the weekend!

Another Timehop flashback from 4yrs ago! Look how tiny my babies are! And SO CUTE! My dad and step mother had come for a visit and took them swimming...

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