Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sleepy Day

Everyone slept well last night. And Reagan just kept sleeping. My girl slept most of the day today. Today was definitely a sleepy day. She was so peaceful and so sweet. Holding her pees a little. She didn't have a wet diaper until 11am and then one around 7pm and one more around 8pm. She didn't wake up until 7pm and was only awake for 2hrs or so before dozing back off. She was good though while awake. Still a bit serious, but calm. Ryan had fun today. Playing with a train set, bubbles, his fishing rod, and playing lots of chase...he's definitely enjoying himself. We ate really well...deer sausage, brisket, boudin, and jambalya...we were stuffed! And Mike and his Dad got a little fishing in tonight. It was a good day. Hopefully my girl will be a little more awake tomorrow. So glad to see her feeling better when she was awake tonight.

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