Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Road trip to Louisiana

Busy day today! Reagan slept well again last night and woke up in a decent mood. Maybe a little more serious but still good. Still showing some signs of temperature dysregulation...getting a little sweaty in her chair again. She had speech this morning and did fine with that. We decided against any feeding today with the nausea yesterday. We had a night nurse orienting this morning and Reagan didn't seem to be bothered at all by talking, but when the PT came at noon, she had a couple of outbursts of tears! Her therapist was still able to get in some stretching, but not much work. She did doze off shortly thereafter and slept most of the afternoon. That gave her nurse plenty of time to help us pack for our trip to Mike's parents. She slept all afternoon and woke up right around 4pm. We decided to go ahead and give her a bath and get her into her pjs for our drive (since we wouldn't be getting to his parents house til after 11). She was awake and somber when we started our trip. Ryan dozed within our first 15min in the car. He slept about an hour when we first left and then was wide awake until the last 5min of our trip. Reagan did the opposite, she was awake most of the 5hr trip but fell asleep the last hour or so. Both kiddos were easy to get to bed once we got here, so that was great, but I still had medicines and formula to do before I could go to bed. Hoping everyone sleeps well tonight!

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