Saturday, July 16, 2016

Reagan's first movie theater experience

Reagan woke up this morning a little serious, but still good. We decided to go ahead and give the movie a try. We've been wanting to see Finding Dory and there is a theater in Georgetown that is having a sensory screening today. In a sensory screening the lights are kept at the pre-show level, the sound is turned down a little, there aren't supposed to be any previews, and the no noise policy is not enforced. We decided to go ahead and give it a try! Today was Reagan's first movie in a movie theater. On the way there we used the demo carseat with Reagan. I love the fact that it feels so much easier to just put her directly into the carseat, rather than have to put a harness on her first. Unfortunately, it's just not as supportive. The harness has clamps up above her shoulders that really works to keep her completely upright. In the carseat, she's able to crunch forward more than I like and without a center clasp on the shoulder straps, they have a tendency to slide off her shoulders giving her no support whatsoever. I think if we end up getting this carseat, there are some definite modifications that will need to take place. Anyway, we all made it to the movie theater in once piece and unloaded everyone. We found a group of handicap seats in the front row and sat down. Immediately Reagan was overstimulated by the loudness. I really don't think they turned the volume down at all. I put on her noise canceling headphones and she held it together. They also didn't skip the previews...there seemed to be a ton for this movie (and a short film). From the get go, I could tell Reagan wasn't going to enjoy this experience. I think it was a combination of her being just a little more sensitive today and the fact that it was all just too much stimulation for her. She spent most of the movie crunched up in her chair, not even really looking at the screen. Not sure we'll try another movie. There were no tears, but she didn't seem to enjoy it in the least. Maybe if the seats hadn't been right on top of the screen, it might have been better? Who knows. Ryan seemed to enjoy it. Afterward we came home and just tried to stay cool! It's SO hot outside right now. We've been over 100 for days now! Not much more to report today. Reagan did a lot of rolling again. Lots of rolling over onto her tummy and getting stuck. Maybe she does just want to lay on her tummy?!?! Such a sweet girl. Hoping the good days continue...Grandma comes tomorrow!

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