Monday, July 25, 2016

Precious, busy girl

Reagan slept well last night! Finally! She woke up this morning very wet, but happy! She's been super sweet and precious all day today. She had a busy day of therapies. She had speech this morning and did well with that. She also had a make up session of PT and then spent some time in her stander. We were just remarking today how great her head control has been lately. This new stander really doesn't have a head rest that gives her any sort of support to help keep her head up (unlike the i2i headrest on her wheelchair), but she doesn't appear to even need it. It's amazing how far she's come strength wise! She looks so grown up in this stander. We had her in it for a while, moved her back down to sitting to adjust her AFO that was no longer on correctly (it probably needs to be adjusted again), and then put her back up for school! She did great. She performed well for school too! It was a busy day but she really handled it all beautifully! Now hoping for more sleep tonight...

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