Monday, July 11, 2016

Not good

Today was not a good day for my girl. I really didn't see it coming, usually we see some sort of warning signs, but not so much this time (she was slightly still yesterday so maybe that was our sign). She slept in a little and then when she woke up, she was NOT happy. Not crying nonstop, but crying a lot, in waves. Something was definitely causing her pain. Lortab did help but only for a couple of hours. Eventually we tried clonidine which worked for another hour or so, but not nearly as well. Se ended up dozing back off on her own and when she woke back up, she seemed better. I sat upstairs with her just to keep her away from any stimuli (ie whiny brother) and she was fine. Still very serious but OK. She eventually dozed off with Daddy's help and we've all got our fingers crossed for a good day tomorrow! Sweet girl.

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