Friday, July 8, 2016

Fishing take one...and two!

Everyone slept well last night. At one point we looked at the monitor of Ryan and found him laying leaning off the air mattress with his head upside down on the ground! We moved him back on and he just kept sleeping. Reagan slept well too and woke up this morning at a more normal hour! She was good today. Very laid back and calm. Less serious. Super sweet. We decided to take advantage and we all loaded up and went to a nearby state park. We wanted to give Ryan a chance to fish, so we stopped and bought some crickets on our way there. I did end up with one escapee on my knee, but the rest of them stayed put. We walked down to the water and there was this picturesque bridge that was partially covered. Perfect for fishing. We didn't see a single other person there. It was very serene. That is, until Ryan threw the cricket bucket into the water the second we got there! Mike was SO annoyed! His mom and dad got a good laugh out of it. Ryan was pretty upset that he didn't get to fish, but he got over it. We went and explored the visitors center (and sat in the A/C for a bit) and then headed out! We took a little detour to see the lookout near the dam, and then we went back to the house. We did take Ryan fishing again tonight at the nearby marina and Mike caught quite a few little brim that Ryan was able to reel in! He loved that! This time we got the crickets in a tube. Afterward we still had lots of crickets left, so we let Ryan set them free! We might be regretting this tonight when we hear 50 crickets chirping outside our window!! Both kiddos had a great day. We are planning on driving back tomorrow, so really hoping they behave themselves!

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