Friday, July 15, 2016

Botox take 2

Reagan had a good day today. She had speech this morning and did well with that...she even ate some baby food. Then this afternoon she got Botox in her legs again. This was her second time for getting the Botox B/Myobloc injections and this time it went much more smoothly than before. Maybe she was just that happy that nothing was going to bring her down, or maybe it was the combination of Buzzy and the cold spray that distracted her enough that she barely squirmed this time. I definitely think the Buzzy (vibrating bee that distracts from the pain) did the trick! I saw this thing on shark tank years ago and thought about buying one, but now that we've actually used it, I think we definitely need one! She took 3 injections in each leg and didn't move a muscle. Such a rock star! We came home and she was a rolly girl again tonight. Constantly rolling over onto her tummy. Mike thinks maybe she just wants to be on her tummy! Of course, I keep turning her over (because she gets pinned like that and can't move)! Tonight both of us dozed off together on the recliner! I love this girl!

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