Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ainsley's Angel's Virtual Sunset 5k

Reagan slept well last night but woke up with a little fuss this morning. She was very tense in her body, still crunching up in half like a little turtle on her back, and just not looking too happy and maybe a little neurologically off. She was OK though and has managed to push through and have a pretty good day. She's not the super smiley girl we've had most of last week, but she's been content and even given us some smiles and laughs at times. Grandma drove in today and she was pretty happy to see her. Grandma is always good for getting a laugh out of this girl! Reagan was a good girl for her nurse today and even tolerated her crazy brother hanging around. Not a huge fan of overly loud tv, but otherwise pretty laid back (just a little more tense and jittery than usual). Last night was the official Ainsley's Angel's Sunset 5k, so we decided to try to run our virtual sunset 5k at 8pm tonight and we were even joined by Cassey the Central Texas Ambassador for Ainsley's Angels! It was HOT for us (still 90 degrees at 8pm), since we usually run before the sun rises and before the temperatures get up there, but we powered through it! This is Reagan's second year in a row to do the virtual Ainsleys Angels Sunset 5k! She rocked it! What a trooper! 

Grandma followed us the the unOFFICIAL pace car! ;)

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