Monday, June 6, 2016

Sweet girl

Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning sweet and precious. She had speech this morning and she did really well with that. She's very still and visually attentive today. Great day to work on the eye gaze! No nurse today but that didn't stop us. Grandma and I loaded both kiddos up in the car and we headed to Costco! Reagan's first trip to Costco. She seemed very interested in all of the sights and sounds. Ryan just wanted to go through the cold rooms and eat the sample chicken nuggets! Afterward we made a quick stop at a local nursery and Reagan and I hung out in the car (it was already pretty toasty outside and super sunny) while my mom and Ryan went in and checked everything out. They had goldfish and koi there and Ryan was REALLY wanting to touch them! Then we headed home and hung out in the A/C. It sure does feel hot in the full sun and it's only June! I'm just glad we've been getting so much rain! It has really kept the temps down until now! Tonight Reagan still had cold hands/feet but she's been super cuddly and still. I snuggled with her for a while and then Mike went and laid down with her. She was almost asleep at one point when she cried out all of a sudden and started crying! I got her some Lortab and gave it to her and she eventually settled back down and fell asleep (I could hear her tummy really grumbling so I wonder if it's somehow related). Really hoping she can sleep tonight and not head back into another bout of bad days. Ugh. Prayers please!

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