Friday, June 24, 2016

Serious and sleep at last!

Reagan FINALLY SLEPT last night!!! Woo hoo!!! Do I sound happy?? I am! Finally, we all got a good night's sleep! Reagan woke up around 9:15am and she was serious. Thankfully, she was just serious and not fussy. I was worried. She was awake just in time for speech at 10. Not sure how well that went, all things considered. That was her only therapy today. She did have a Drs appt this afternoon to get some moles checked at the dermatologist. She has one on her hip that's been there for a while and it has grown, but she's also grown so there's that. She also has one on her back that we had them measure as well. We'll just go back in 6mos and check them again. If they continue to grow, eventually they may want to do a biopsy, but for now we'll just keep an eye on them. She did fine with the appt but was a little sensitive to the wind/sun outside. She was fine once we got home and just took it easy all afternoon. Tonight she even tolerated being downstairs, even though her brother has a terrible cough. Hoping it's just allergies and he doesn't pass it on to everyone else!

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