Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rocky morning but pretty good day

Ryan woke up crying once last night (and he had a runny nose and was super congested yesterday)...so I'm really hoping he's not coming down with anything. Reagan slept well, but then woke up crying at 6:45am. I could hear her tummy gurgling up a storm again, so I gave her some oxycodone for the pain and then also gave her a dose of simethicone for the gas. She calmed down and we moved her to her chair and she was good. She's been stable all day. Tolerated her therapies just fine, she had both PT and OT and did well with both. She's been a little whiny/vocal at times and giving me the crook eye, but she's hanging in there. I definitely think her tummy is the culprit. Hoping she pulls out of this and has a good week. We actually have a potential nurse coming tomorrow morning so I hope she'll be on her best behavior! Ryan has been super whiny today and still sneezing a lot. I do think it's just allergies, but you just never know. Grandma had to go home today and he was definitely upset about that. Before she left we did pot up some of my unruly mint and put in a couple new trees on either side of the front door. Right now they are pretty scrawny but they should fill in and be beautiful...much better than the scraggly hedges we had there before. We're also getting quotes right now to have some clearing out of our flower beds around the pool. We have some vines that have taken over and we're afraid they are creating a haven for snakes!! Ahhhh! We did see a snake crawling into the rocks around our pool the other day! Not a fan! Time to flush them out! Reagan was good the rest of the day today. A little vocal at times, but she seemed OK. We got in a nice relaxing bath with Grandma before she headed back to Dallas. Then tonight Reagan was OK, didn't seem sensitive to anything, although her temp is still a bit off and her hands are still pretty cold. She's not really wanting to go to sleep again, so hopefully a little clonidine and Daddy will be all she needs!

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