Thursday, June 2, 2016

Super laughy and squirmy

Reagan woke up AGAIN last night at 3am! That's three days in a row now! What the heck is going on? This time she woke with a little fuss and I was worried she might actually get upset. I gave her some oxycodone and I think she went back to sleep. She was awake when Mike got up and he then moved her to her chair around 7am. At least she spent more time in bed that previous nights. She was definitely more serious this morning. But in between serious, she'd had bouts of crazy laughs! She had both PT and OT today and did well with both! She was less serious, more kooky/laughy as the day went on. Tonight she was super laughy (definitely neurologic). We had her in her chair for an hour or so and she sweated her back completely wet! We moved her to the floor where she was on the move. Kicking, rolling, and squirming her way off her blanket in a matter of minutes. She's a mover! Hoping we can get her to settle down and finally get a decent night's sleep!

Still a bit serious for PT

For Ryan's teacher/aides on his last day of school today! ;)

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