Monday, June 13, 2016

Lots o poos

Reagan had another pretty good day today. She slept a little better last night and woke up this morning with a poo diaper. Little did we know that this would be the theme for today. Not the best impression on our new nurse! She was good though and did really well with speech, her only therapy for the day. She was still super into her hand today and very kicky/rolly. Her nose continues to give her trouble...she's had quite a bit of drainage and she's still pretty congested. I would say that I've seen just a few indications that she may be headed the wrong direction. Just a little more tense at times and a little more bitey with her hands. Hopefully it's nothing. She had another two poos on her own during the day, so we did decide to get her back in the bath tub! We got her all cleaned up and cozy and yes she did have one last poo before bed! When it rains, it pours over here! Tonight I finally put her arm restraint on just to give her a break from at least one of her hands. She was super sweet and well behaved though and later fell asleep in my arms without any medicine. Hoping she can sleep well tonight now that she has an empty tummy/intestine!

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