Friday, June 3, 2016

Bad but sleepy

Reagan slept in a bit today, which we were happy about, but at the same time we were afraid at how she might wake up! We had reason to be afraid...she did wake up around 9 but she woke very cranky and was soon in tears. She cried for a while until the medicine eventually took effect and then she slept. She only slept for two hours and then was back awake and miserable. Thankfully she was very responsive to medication today and fell back asleep shortly after we gave her something. This time she slept a little longer, maybe 3hrs. Again she woke up upset, but not as bad as before. She did eventually require another dose which helped her to fall asleep once again. This time she was in her bean bag chair and was sleeping pretty hard. She slept without any additional medication until bedtime. I changed her diaper and Mike successfully transferred her to her bed. Just really hoping she can slept away the bad tonight. It's been a rough day for my girl but thankfully she's slept through most of it!

A much happier day for my girl...I can't believe this was 5 years ago!! 

Ryan swimming in the rain...

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