Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Super tense

My girl woke up this morning super tense and crunchy this morning. She seemed to be on the verge of tears and I was concerned we were headed for a full fledge bad day, however, she seemed to calm down significantly after a dose of oxycodone. We had a nurse orientation this morning and she was still very tense and a little bitey, but not at all sensitive to talking (so that was good). After the nurse left, we had time to give her a much needed bath and then she dozed off shortly thereafter. She slept for a while and woke up only long enough to get in a quick diaper change (she wasn't really a fan of being messed with today), and then dozed back off until around 5pm. She woke up super stressed again and on the verge of tears, but calmed down with oxycodone. She was calm the rest of the night. Very serious. Very tense. But calm. Hoping for some sleep tonight and a better day tomorrow for my girl.

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