Thursday, May 5, 2016

Super sweet girl

Ryan did wake up once last night, he was crying and sweaty. Not sure what that was about. Typically he only does that when he's sick (or getting sick), but he was absolutely fine/happy this morning, so who knows. I have had a sore throat for the last several days so hopefully it's not related. The last thing we need is everyone getting sick over here again! Reagan woke up this morning super sweet with big giant eyes. She had a great day today (we even got some laughs). She had PT at noon and she did well with that (she looked great sitting up), but was definitely still having some leg pain. We noticed a distinct wince when we put pressure on or straightened her right leg. We're still unsure if it's her hamstring or what, but her therapist doesn't think it's bone related, just maybe a strain or muscle pain. We're definitely going to keep an eye on that and not push any stretches too far. She had OT next and she even got a poo out on her own...her OT has a way of getting her to go! After OT, we squeezed in a nice bath before I had to go pick up Ryan. Ryan had an awful week at school last week and this week has been slightly better, with today being the best day so he got a trip to the froyoz this afternoon. He was in heaven with all of the toppings...he could really care less about the icecream/yogurt itself. Tonight we had a nurse again (the same nurse also helped us out last night), thank goodness, because Ryan has been very demanding. Ryan was in bed by 9pm and my girl dozed off and was asleep by 9:45pm. Crazy! We never have both kids asleep by 10! And this is the second night in a row that has happened. Thank you God. Hoping both kiddos sleep well tonight and we have another good day tomorrow.

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