Sunday, May 22, 2016

Super sweet and spunky

Reagan woke up super vocal around 5am...she was NOT going back to sleep! I changed her and moved her to her chair in the therapy room, but left her tv off. I was hoping maybe she'd go back to sleep. Well I don't think that ever happened, but she did let us sleep! We actually slept until almost 9am! We woke up just as Grandma was walking in the door. Ryan was still in bed, awake, but quiet so even he didn't wake us up! Both kids were super happy to see their Grandma! Reagan has been super spunky again today. Hands in mouth nonstop, lots of movement, lots of tone...but all smiles! Grandma even made a lime jello/coolwhip dessert so Reagan could eat it! She loved it and I think she would've just kept eating it all day if we had let her! Ryan had a blast running around playing hide and go seek with grandma and then chasing her around the block on his bike (of course the second I went out to relieve her, he tipped over and skinned his knee)! Reagan has been so super sweet and talkative today. Tonight I swear she was saying Hi to me! I was saying Hi to her and then she'd say it. Over and over again. Cutest. Thing. Ever!!! Love this girl! The hands in the mouth (crammed in her mouth) are driving me crazy, but she's just so cute and so smiley, you can't help but smile! She has been holding pees a little this afternoon, so hopefully nothing comes from that. Such a sweet girl.

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