Monday, May 16, 2016

Super sweet and laid back

Reagan dozed off last night again on her own and slept well last night. She woke up this morning again very sweet and laid back. She had speech this morning and she worked on her computer. No nurse today so after therapy, she came downstairs with me and helped me clean! We hung out...she was even calm enough to listen to some music and dance with mommy! This afternoon she had OT and did a lot of stretching and sitting. She was actually sitting very well (considering how low tone she's been)...even balancing and putting weight through her arms to keep herself upright. It doesn't last long, but she can do it. We decided to skip school today after finding out that her teacher has been in direct contact with one of two boys at school with whooping cough. I know it's probably already too late and if she were going to be exposed (through contact with her teacher), it would have already happened but it still makes me worry. Hoping for more good days this week...lots going on.

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