Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Super smiley

The sound of Reagan kicking around in her bed woke me up last night at 3am. She was not going to go back to sleep, so I moved her into her chair in the therapy room. She was still awake and kicking when I went to run at 5:30am but was asleep by the time I got back (then awake again by the time I got out of the shower). I'm guessing that's probably how she slept...just a little here and there. She was good though...super smiley. Hands still crammed in her mouth a lot, but a huge smile at all times! She had PT and OT today and did well with both. She was making great eye contact today and was just very interactive. Still pretty spitty today (that's why she's sporting a bib in these pics)! Hoping for a good week for my smiley girl...and better sleep! 

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