Sunday, May 15, 2016

Super chill

Ask and you shall receive! My girl slept well last night and woke up feeling better this morning! Not super happy or anything, but very calm and chill. She's been easy going and calm all day today. She's so relaxed in her body that she just wanted to hang out of her tomato chair! We eventually moved her to a pallet on the floor where she spent most of the day! She wasn't sleepy today, but just so loosey goosey, she just laid there completely relaxed with her arms up over her head! I got a lot of cuddling in today and even her jealous brother joined us for a bit and snuggled up under her covers because her was jealous of the cuddlefest! So so so glad she felt better today. I hope we're completely out of the woods. Our nurse for today called in sick and we still have no Monday nurse, so I'll be going it alone tomorrow. Hoping for a good week for my girl!

She did doze off tonight around 9pm on her own...a very rare occurrence to have both kids asleep by 9!

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