Monday, May 23, 2016

Still good

Reagan slept well, waking up right around 6:45am. She woke up super sweet and smiley once again. Still lots of kicking around with her legs and hands in her mouth. Still making lots of vocalizations...but still happy ones. It's hard to say what direction she's actually headed. I would tend to think all of this energy will eventually fizz out and she'll have some sleepy days...but not yet. Or the increased tension and tone could be leading up to bad days. Lets hope it's the former and not the latter! Ryan had a routine dentist appt this morning that did not go so well. He immediately remembered where we were and though he loves the waiting room, he did NOT want to go back. We managed to distract him though, but getting him to open his mouth for the dentist was another thing. Ugh. It's crazy, because he has no problems with me looking in his mouth and brushing his teeth (and he'll even brush his own) but definitely not a fan of the dentist. Maybe he remembers having that cavity filled a year or so ago and we had to strap him down? This kid has a memory like an elephant! He fought like mad...all she did was look in his mouth and then swipe some flouride over his teeth. He loved that. Acted like he was going to throw up afterward. Of course, as soon as we leave, he wants to go back for another toy from their huge stash. No school today, it was a bad weather make up day that they didn't need. We came back home and got Reagan ready for therapy. She's been very attentive so she had a great session with speech this morning. Afterward we gave her a much needed bath! Then this afternoon we loaded up both kids and drove out to a park near the lake. Ryan loved it (he played with a little girl the whole time) was a little humid and too mosquitoy for me and Reagan! I got eaten alive. Both kids were good the rest of the night. Reagan spent some time lounging with Grandma before bed. Hoping for a good week for my girl.

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