Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Still good

Reagan had another good day today. She's been super laid back and easy going...even giving us some laughs every now and then. This morning she had speech again (her therapist is going to be out of town Friday and wanted to squeeze in a make up session). Today they worked on some feeding. She did great with it and really seems to enjoy getting to taste things. Then at noon she had PT. She worked on some stretching and sitting and then a rep from the DME company came over to adjust her wheelchair. The general consensus is that she's at the end of the growth of this chair. She adjusted what she could, but we definitely need to get on the ball and start the ordering process for a new one. This girl is growing! We decided to pass on school once more. Just to be safe. One thing to note, we did notice a bit of congestion over the weekend and then this afternoon she had a super runny nose. Hoping it's nothing. Tonight Daddy had a work dinner, but both kiddos were on their best behavior. Ryan even went to sleep in his big boy bed for the first time ever! I'm not sure if he'll last, but he's still in there for now!

Watching frozen...

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